Booking A Room At Bedford Square Community Centre

To book a room at Bedford Square Community Centre, Tithe Farm Road, Houghton Regis, you will need to write to Central Bedfordshire Council to check availability.

To save time, you can download some forms, fill in, and send it by email to them.

<< DOWNLOAD FORMS  >> from Google Drive.


Postal Address: Summer La Riviere, Thorn Turn Depot, Grendall Lane, Houghton Regis, LU5 6GJ

The terms below, and the prices on the forms were relevant in January 2019.

Terms and Conditions Relating to the Hire of any room with the Bedford Square Community Centre

1. No disorderly conduct and no obscene language shall be allowed in the premises.

2. All applications for the use of the premises shall be made on the prescribed form and received at the Central Bedfordshire Council at least 14 days before the premises are required.

3. The fee and £100 deposit is payable 7 days prior to the booking date.

4. Cancellation of hire must be in writing to reach Central Bedfordshire Council no later than 48 hours before the date of the booking.  If written cancellation is not received within this time a charge of 50% will be made.

5. The premises may be used only for purposes which are compatible with the use for which the premises are designed and which have been stated on the application form.

6. The hours of hiring must include time for preparing for the event and clearing up afterwards.

7. The hirer shall introduce no furniture or equipment unless special permission has been obtained from Central Bedfordshire Council.

8. No addition, alteration, or adaptations of the electrical installation shall be carried out nor should anything be fixed to the walls unless the written permission of Central Bedfordshire Council is first obtained.

9. If a licence is needed, e.g., for music, a performance, alcohol etc., the hirers must make an application to the appropriate licensing authority at least 21 days before the event and shall provide to Central Bedfordshire Council evidence of the license having been obtained.

10. Where the IT suite is hired and the computer equipment is used for accessing websites whether for downloading or uploading content, the Hirer must ensure that this is done in accordance with Central Bedfordshire Council’s Code of Practice for members of the public using Central Bedfordshire Council’s computer facilities, a copy of which will be provided to the Hirer upon request.  The Hirer must tell the Council as soon as any breach of the Policy is found or suspected and must seek the advice of Central Bedfordshire Council.  If it is felt that the breach or breaches are serious, then the letting will be terminated immediately.

11. Central Bedfordshire Council shall have powers to terminate any agreement relating to the hire of its premises if it is considered that the hirers may have in any way damaged the building, fittings, fixtures or furniture and things therein or subjected them to undue wear and tear or in any way of being guilty of a breach to these regulations.

12. Central Bedfordshire Council will not accept any responsibility for any loss or other expense howsoever incurred by the hirer in the event of a cancellation by Central Bedfordshire Council of the letting as a result of circumstances beyond their control.  The decision of Central Bedfordshire Council as to whether the letting should be cancelled shall be binding on the hirer for the purpose of this clause.

13. All lettings are made on the understanding that Central Bedfordshire Council is indemnified by the hirer against any loss, damage or accident during the use of the premises by the hirer except where such loss, damage or accident is directly attributable to the negligence of Central Bedfordshire Council.

14. The hirer shall pay for all damage which may be done to the buildings or to the furniture, fittings, fixtures and things belonging to the building therein during the occupation and shall undertake to accept as final and conclusive, the decision of Central Bedfordshire Council as to fact of any such loss, injury or destruction and as to the amount of the extent.

15. The regular hirers must be able to show that they are insured and able to indemnify Central Bedfordshire Council if it has to repair, replace or make good any part of the premises or contents which may be lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of the hirers use.  Central Bedfordshire Council requires evidence of Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £10 million.

16. The hirers should observe such safety conditions as are required by Central Bedfordshire Council.

17. Hirers must familiarise themselves, in case of fire, with escape routes, location of fire extinguishers, fire alarms and exit doors and shall call the Fire Service if fire should break out.

18. The hirer shall ensure that they have a first aid box and qualified first aider on site or have written emergency procedures in place.

19. A responsible adult must be appointed by the Organisation to take charge during the letting.

20. Hirers must ensure they bring along a telephone for emergency calls.

21. The premises shall be open to members of the Local Authority, their officers and police officers, who shall have full power to enforce these regulations.