CPRE Photo Winners Announced In Changing Landscape Competition

Blowing in The WindDavid Bond
CPRE Bedfordshire is delighted to announce the winners of its photo competition. The competition was run to mark the charity’s 30th anniversary, during which time it has worked to promote and protect the countryside of Bedfordshire.

 The theme for the competition was ”Bedfordshire: A Changing Landscape”, and we received 89 entries, each of which offers a different perspective on our beautiful county. The full shortlist of photos can be viewed here on our Facebook page.

First prize - Blowing in the Wind: Combining the modern wind turbines with a traditional cornfield by David Bond (pictured)
This dynamic shot shows a backdrop of contrasting wind turbines against a cloudy sky, set against a yellow field of barley in Langford. The judges especially liked the colour, contrast and composition of the shot. The wind turbines also reflect a recent change in the countryside across Bedfordshire. Although they have been the subject of controversial planning decisions, turbines are now a largely accepted feature in many of our landscapes and represent a shift towards a more sustainable use of our natural resources. In this shot, the judges felt that the photographer has found harmony between the new turbines and the agricultural landscape.

Runner-up – Morning Glory by Joe McDonald
This striking image shows a farmer at work as the sun rises over a field in Little Staughton. The judges especially liked the mood of the image, and the composition. Farming remains one of the most significant uses of land in Bedfordshire and will continue to have a huge impact on the character of its landscapes.

The following photos were commended:
Growth by Helen Flack
Riseley Sunset by Tony Pay
Homeward Gallop by Claire Davenport
A spokesperson for CPRE Bedfordshire said: "We are delighted with the number of entries in our photo competition. This is CPRE Bedfordshire's 30th anniversary, and over this time, many of our landscapes have inevitably undergone change.

At CPRE, we work to ensure our valued countryside and urban green spaces, which we all benefit from, are protected and enhanced for future generations.

These photos provide a snapshot of Bedfordshire's countryside today, and tell some stories about how our landscapes can be seen to be changing - they also showcase some of the variety of landscapes and natural beauty that can be found throughout Bedfordshire."

See all the pictures

Carnival July 8th - Town Crier Latest

The Carnival edition of the Town Crier has been dropping through local doors. The annual Carnival is the 2nd Saturday of July when Tithe Farm Rd will be closed to permit a procession. You can read the Town Crier online (pdf) at http://www.houghtonregis.org.uk/useruploads/town-crier/HRTC__Town%20Crier_part-v7.pdf

The Big Lunch - Houghton Regis Saturday 17th June

‘Big Lunch’ will take place on the Village Green, Houghton Regis on Saturday 17th June from 12 noon.

The event is being hosted by the new Town Mayor, Councillor Joanna Hillyard, as part of the national ‘Big Lunch’ event, which has been organised by the Eden Project. The ethos of the event is for communities across the country to come together to share lunch on the weekend of 17-18 June, and the Town Mayor very much hopes that you can attend this event.

The event will be free to attend and guests are asked to bring a picnic. There will be refreshments on sale in the Village Green Pavilion in aid of the Mayor’s charities, which are Recycled Teenagers, Streetlife and Houghton Regis Youth Club, and there will also be some giant games on the Village Green for guests to take part in.

The mayor will be setting up a donations box at the event, for donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste, adult socks, items of sanitary wear for ladies and bottled water, which will be donated to ‘Streetlife’ to be distributed to the homeless in the local area. All donations would be very greatly appreciated.

Councillor Joanna Hillyard was born and grew up in London, attending local schools there. She worked with horses until getting married and moving to Bedfordshire in the late 1980s. Joanna  moved to Houghton Regis a few years ago, where she can be seen volunteering at Craft and Coffee as well as for Houghton Helpers occasionally.  Better known as Jo by people that know her, she spends time crafting and particularly enjoys crocheting toys for her Granddaughter Ellen.

Councillor Hillyard is looking forward to supporting Streetlife, Houghton Regis Recycled Teenagers and the towns Youth Club in the coming year with various Mayoral events along with Deputy Mayor Ken Wattingham.

Organiser Sought For Houghton Regis Poppy Appeal

My name is Michael Price, I am the Poppy Appeal Organiser for Houghton Regis.

Over the last 4 years we have been running the Poppy Appeal in Houghton Regis. During this time, with the help of the Bedfordshire "Royal British Legion Riders" and a few other volunteers we have raised more than £44,000 for the Poppy Appeal, something I think our relatively small community can be really proud of.

The small businesses, local Schools along with the general public of Houghton Regis have supported the campaign handsomely and in particular the 1st Houghton Regis Guide Unit. Morrison's Store have always given us a base to collect from and we were very grateful for the fantastic support we have received from their staff during the two weeks of Poppy tide.

I am somewhat sad therefore to have to report that I am moving out of the area and will be unable to run this year's appeal and so I am looking for someone who might be able to take on the task of doing this.

I am willing and able to support the volunteer/s in this task by ordering the necessary stock and giving them all the advice to make it happen. I will also be on hand during the appeal although time will be limited, I will do whatever I can. But this project does still need someone to coordinate the 2017 campaign and its supporters.

We do already have a small team of volunteers in Houghton Regis who I am sure will continue to do so, however if you are able and willing to help with delivering/collecting Poppy Appeal merchandise & tins etc out and about to the Houghton Regis community or willing to man the stand in Morrison's Foyer for an hour or two during the week when we run, or you are able to take on the role of Poppy Appeal Organiser then please contact me in the first instance on 07588 700883 or sam.price74@yahoo.co.uk.

Outdoor ​Volunteer Tasks January-March 2017

North Chilterns Chalk Living Landscape
Volunteer Tasks January-March 2017
Programme starts January 5th.